WATCH: In a Shocking Turn of Events, Flynn Moves To Take Down Pence.

An MSNBC panel says that former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn has information that could take down Vice President Mike Pence. Flynn may have leaked information that shows Pence and the Trump transition team knew that foreign governments were paying him.

If this information turns out to be true, it would be a devastating blow to the Vice President’s reputation. So far, Pence is untouched by the Russia scandal.

The prevailing opinion is that Pence didn’t know anything about Flynn’s calls to the Russian ambassador to the U.S. And the administration’s story is that Flynn lied about his Russian contacts to Pence.

But these new leaks fly in the face of all this. They suggest that Pence knew about all of Flynn’s dealings with foreign governments and chose to ignore them.

Additionally, Pence was the head of the Trump transition team and was supposed to vet all of Trump’s appointees. So he should have known about Flynn’s work with Turkey and Russia.

So either Pence is incompetent, or he’s an outright liar. Neither is a good quality for a Vice President.

Washington Post reporter Karen Tumulty also stated that Pence was in the Oval Office right before President Trump asked Comey to drop the Flynn investigation. So Pence may also have been involved in Trump’s efforts to obstruct the investigation into Flynn and the Russia scandal.

Flynn may not have finished with Pence, either. Bloomberg Politics editor John Heilemann showed how Flynn can keep the pressure on Pence.

Heilemann said, “Either he [Pence] knew and is lying or he did not know and was wildly incompetent. Either way, not a great story for him.”

“By the way, it seems to me the import of this story is that Michael Flynn’s lawyer came out a couple of months ago and said that Mike Flynn had a story to tell,” continued Heilemann. “He’s now starting to tell that story.”

POLL: Is the whole Trump administration going down?

The Trump administration claims that Vice President Mike Pence didn’t know anything about Michael Flynn’s work with the Russian or Turkish governments.

But Flynn has allegedly released information contradicting these claims.

Is Flynn trying to take down the whole Trump administration? Share your opinion in the poll below.

Heilemann suggested that Flynn might be leaking these stories in order to get immunity. Flynn’s hoping that he can prove his story is worth enough to gain immunity from prosecution.

“If this is the thing that he’s leaking, and there are other things that he’s still holding to offer in exchange for immunity, that means this isn’t even the worst of it—that means he’s got more things to say,” said Heilemann.

If that’s true, that means there’s more bad news coming for Pence and Trump. Flynn could help take down both men.

It looking more and more like Pence is also guilty of treason. So Congress should impeach Pence as well as Trump.

Unfortunately, that would put House Speaker Paul Ryan in charge. But at least he’s not in the Russian President’s pocket.

Flynn’s trying to get his revenge and take down the Vice President. Please share this story on Facebook to show that Pence isn’t as innocent as we’ve been led to believe.

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