BREAKING: FBI is Going After Trump With 3 Separate Investigations

One, two, three strikes you’re out? We hope so because the FBI is launching three separate investigations into Trump’s ties with Russia.

Reuters reported that five current and former government officials have confirmed that the Federal Bureau of Investigations will be launching these investigations. They will look into Russia’s influence over the 2016 united States elections and what exactly Team Trump knew.

While some outlets, like the New York Times, have reported on potential FBI investigations, these new leaks offer new insight into the nature of the investigations.

Now we know that there will be at least three separate investigations, but there could be more. We also learned that the FBI will specifically investigate the 2015 and 2016 hacks into the Democratic National Committee’s systems.

The hacking investigation will be run by the FBI’s Pittsburg office, which is known for its cyber security specialization. This is just one of the three investigations.

The second investigation will be spearheaded by the San Francisco FBI office. This office will specifically investigate two individuals who referred to themselves as “Guccifer 2.’

These individuals posted leaked emails from John Podesta’s account, which hurt the Clinton campaign deeply. Spying on political opponents on this scale is as big as Watergate.

If Russia is involved — which we believe they are — this is much worse than Watergate ever could have been. This would mean a hostile foreign government interfered in U.S. elections.

Finally, the third known investigation will be based out of the Washington counterintelligence office. Agents in the office will pursue specific leads from informants relating to the case.

Scott Smith, the FBI’s new assistant director, has declined to comment on this story so far. During his recent meltdown of a press conference, Donald Trump firmly denied any connections to Russia.

Where there is smoke, there is fire. With the smoke following Flynn’s resignation and Russia’s other involvements, we have no doubt there is fire.

We hope that the FBI will continue to vigorously investigate Team Trump’s ties to Russia. We cannot allow foreign governments to interfere with our elections.

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