BREAKING: Anti-Clinton FBI Plot to Give Trump Victory “Worse Than Watergate”

News of this scandal just broke and it’s bigger than Watergate. An FBI plot to rob Clinton of the presidency was just discovered and is now being reported on.

It’s been revealed that a faction within the FBI held onto Huma Abedin’s emails so that these emails could be reported on just before the election. New evidence exposes that this faction did so in order to maximize the media damage Clinton would take. 

Now, of course, nothing was eventually found in these emails. But Comey sent a letter to congress anyways saying that he’d he reopened the investigation into Clinton’s emails.

It turns out that a group of investigators in the FBI waited 24 whopping days to tell Comey about these emails. Normally, you’d want to tell your boss about a big development stat, but these agents had a different idea in mind.

This FBI faction realized that if they sat on these emails, they could get Comey to bring them to light right before the election. And they knew this negative PR would ultimately damage Clinton’s chances of electoral victory.

Surveys suggest that if the Abedin emails had been announced at the beginning of October, Clinton would now be president. Instead, the emails were announced at the end of October, which persuaded 1/3 undecided voters to swing toward Trump.

This was a political hit job against Clinton committed by a small faction of agents in the FBI. This is an outrageous breach of the public’s trust, and Comey and his anti-Clinton faction need to be investigated immediately.

Between the Russians and the anti-Clinton FBI plot, Trump had double the help in stealing the 2016 election. We’re watching our democracy being stolen from us right in front of our eyes.

Please share this story on Facebook pronto – we have to let every single American know that the FBI conspired against Clinton in order to help Trump, just like the Russians.


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