BREAKING: Evidence Suggests Mueller Already Has The One Thing Trump Fears Most

If there’s one thing that could really bring the Russiagate investigation all together, it’d be Donald Trump’s long-sought tax returns. The good news for the Resistance—and the bad news for Trump—is that all evidence points to lead Russiagate investigator Special Counsel Robert Mueller already having access to these crucial documents.

These past few days have seen absolutely stunning developments in Russiagate—Mueller’s forming of grand juries, subpoenas flying out to Trump associates, and Trump’s former campaign manager Paul Manafort’s home being raided by the FBI. The icing on the cake for the Resistance is that new reports indicate Mueller is in possession of Trump’s tax returns.

MSNBC’s Matt Miller has been bullish on this particular dynamic as of late. He just took to Twitter and made it clear that Mueller MUST have Trump’s returns already.

“Every sign we’ve seen to date shows Mueller moving very aggressively,” Miller wrote. “Think it’s safe to assume he’s already gotten Trump’s tax returns.”

The Palmer Report, one of the main media outlets of the Resistance, has been journalistically backing up Miller’s stance recently too. They agree—all available evidence suggests Mueller is already using Trump’s tax returns as a roadmap in the Russiagate investigation.

Per Palmer Report:

“News of the Trump-Russia grand jury didn’t leak out until after the first round of subpoenas had gone out, which was weeks after the grand jury had first been impaneled. The FBI raid on Paul Manafort’s home, which was overseen by Mueller, involved the agents getting as far as Manafort’s bedroom door before waking him up.”

“And so Mueller is quietly taking aggressive action, while also using the element of surprise to catch everyone involved in the Trump-Russia scandal off guard,” Palmer Report notes. “This means that these leaks to the media about Robert Mueller’s actions are going to be days or weeks behind what’s playing out under the surface.”

So based on his aggression, it is in fact safe to assume that Mueller long ago pulled Trump’s tax returns,” the outlet concludes. “And based on Mueller’s discretion, it’s equally safe to assume that official confirmation of it won’t leak to the media until after it’s too late for Trump to do anything about it.”

Boy oh boy, is Trump royally screwed or what? No wonder Trump’s being so bombastic to North Korea right now—he’s clearly trying to distract the American people from Mueller’s inevitable revelations.

Trump can run for now, but he can’t hide. Mueller’s about to expose YEARS of Trump’s crimes if these tax returns really are on the table.

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Trump’s presidency is a national emergency that threatens to undo American society for good. His toxic leadership CANNOT be tolerated for any longer, and thanks to Mueller, we likely won’t have to.

The time for action is now. We in the Resistance must protest Trump’s regime harder than ever.

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