BREAKING: Disturbing Pictures Released of Trump With His Wives. These Are Nasty.

Donald Trump is a sleaze who views women as less than him and as sex objects. A series of pictures show that he demands dominance over his wives.

Trump showed the world his lecherous attitude when he stated that his popularity gave him all the women he wanted. And that it also gave him the right to grab them by the private parts.

This sexist, crude, and disturbing statement was all over the media. Women from all walks of life condemned him for it.

Of course, he said that the statement was “locker room talk.” And then Trump insulted most men by saying that all men do it.

In spite of this misogynistic, crude statement, Trump became president. And women had to vote for him to win the office.

It makes one wonder why some women voted for him after this statement. Surely their hatred of Hillary was not so strong that they voted for this sleazy snake.

Now, other photos surfaced that show the real Donald Trump with his wives. The first here is with Melania Trump and the second is with Marla Maples. In both photos, he tightly grabs their hands while feeding them.

Trump seems to restrain the women while he feeds them. These disturbing photos seem to warn his wives not to bite the hand that feeds them.

Also, in both photos, Trump feeds them grapes. Such a picture brings to mind the emperors of ancient Rome with their concubines.

It was common for Roman emperors, senators, generals, and men of means to have women at their side for their pleasure. And they always fed each other fruit.

Could Trump’s narcissism and elevated feelings of self-importance make him think he is an emperor? Medical professionals diagnosed him with Narcissistic Personality Disorder, and a superiority complex is one of the symptoms.

Both photos are similar. They have Trump displaying dominance over his wives by showing them that he is their master and they will never challenge him.

Trump’s thoughts on male superiority over women are universally known. He sponsors internationally televised beauty pageants that put women on display.

These pageants parade the world’s most beautiful young women around for lecherous men like Trump. And he is always there to view “the merchandise.”

He surely rates them on his well-known one-to-ten scale. He even used this scale when referring to other candidates and women during the campaign. Such a man!

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Trump is the poster boy for sexism and misogyny. He treats his wives with such disrespect and rudeness that it should sicken everyone.

He ignores Melania when she is with him and treats her like an object. And his recent words about his daughters are disturbing.

For a father to look at his infant daughter and wonder about her future breast size should nauseate everyone. And saying sex is what he and Ivanka have in common while she sits next to him is sickening.

Trump also showed his lack of respect for women actors. When Melissa McCarthy parodied Sean Spicer on Saturday Night Live, his main objection was that a woman would portray a man.

Trump enforces a dress code for the women who work for him. The only reason for this would be to satisfy his lecherous ways.

Others notice Trump’s looking at women as objects, too. In a recent speech, Hillary Clinton called him out for it.

Donald Trump is a sick, lecherous pervert. The proof lies both in his statement that he could grab women by the private parts as well as in the photos illustrating his dominance over his wives.

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