WATCH: Top Dem Reveals Trump’s Dirty Little Secret

Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) told us 14 years ago what the Republican party was up to. This video clip will expose the GOP’s dirty little secret.

Sanders started out by asking his audience, “How’s the Republican party do so good?” It’s a question that’s baffled many over the years.

The Republicans keep trying to take away benefits from the poor and middle class. And they give tax breaks and perks to the wealthiest of this country.

As a result, income growth for the poor and middle class dropped to almost zero over the past 35 years. But income growth for the rich has skyrocketed.

But people keep voting for the Republicans in spite of this! Why is it that people will vote for a party that’s out to hurt them?

Bernie has the answer. And he exposed the GOP’s secrets over a decade ago.

First, he lays out the GOP’s real plans. They want to give massive tax cuts to the very wealthy.

They also want to privatize Social Security to help out their buddies on Wall Street. And they want to privatize Medicare so that the insurance companies can make more money.

The Republicans also hate our education system, so they want to get rid of our public schools. And they want to abolish the minimum wage.

Bernie points out that most people wouldn’t vote for this agenda. So how is it that the Republicans can convince people to vote for them?

It’s simple, though: the Republicans turn people against each other. They tell one group that another group is a threat, and then they say that only their party can protect them.

For instance, “All those black people getting the jobs that we white people used to have. Split people, working class, it’s white against black.”

So the GOP keeps people from working together. Instead, the party creates fear to control the largest segment of the population to get them to vote for their candidates.

This is the opposite of what the Democrats try to do. They try to bring people together to solve issues for the good of all.

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Bernies Sanders says that Republicans have a terrible agenda that most people don’t support.

But Republicans turn people against each other so that they can win.

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But the Republicans know they can’t win on the issues. So they use divisive rhetoric to turn people against each other.

And no one has done this better than Donald Trump. He’s used his fear-mongering to convince working-class Americans to vote for him.

He managed to convince people that Muslims and immigrants are a threat to our country. And he promised to ban them from entering the U.S.

Trump also convinced millions that undocumented immigrants are stealing their jobs. And that terrorists are about to destroy our country.

His plan worked like a charm. Now we’re stuck with a racist president who is dead set on destroying our American institutions.

Trump’s already started to attack the programs that Sanders warned us about. His Trumpcare bill would have kicked millions off of Medicaid.

Trump’s Secretary of Education, Betsy Devos, is also working hard to destroy our public school system. Can Medicare and Social Security be far behind?

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