URGENT: Dan Rather’s Emotional Farewell to President Obama Just Went Viral

Legendary news correspondent Dan Rather supported most of the policies of President Obama. He also is wary of what the future holds as Trump attempts to dismantle Obama’s legacy.

Rather’s analysis of Obama’s farewell speech is a tear-jerker. Rather spoke of the accomplishments of a good man and that history will judge him as one of the best presidents ever.

Obama’s farewell speech was both emotional and aggravating. Listening to this orator’s beautiful words made tears well up in many Americans’ eyes.

The aggravation came when as he talked about what he wanted to do but couldn’t because of Republican obstructionism. These included civil rights and immigration issues.

He continued with his one America hope. This is an America where everyone is judged as a human being and not on the basis of religion, skin color, sex, or sexual orientation.

One of his biggest applause lines was his embrace of science and reason when discussing global warming. He explained that science and reason were necessary for the nation and world to grow and thrive.

The eloquence of this speech also jolted many to the future of this country. In a few days, morons who accept religion and fantasy over science and reason will govern the nation.

America will miss Obama and his care for the American people. Hopefully, enough of us will remember this and vigorously oppose the dismantling of his caring legacy for one of greed and profit.

Dan Rather’s assessment of Obama’s speech was another comparison of what we have and what we will get. We must assure that Obama and his democratic policies are kept intact and not slashed for fascist policies and beliefs.

Please share this touching speech and assessment. Everyone should hear President Obama’s speech.

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