BREAKING: Congressman Drops “Indictment” Bombshell About Trump’s Son-In-Law Kushner

U.S. Rep. Don Beyer (D-VA) says that Donald Trump’s son-in-law may have committed an indictable offense. If Kushner intentionally lied, he is not eligible for top security clearance and could be prosecuted.

After “a quick reading of the law,” Beyer says that Kushner may have committed a crime. While being vetted for security clearance, Trump’s son-in-law failed to mention that he communicated with Russians in the past.

This could be enough to bring him up on criminal charges, as Beyer explained. 

Lawyer John V. Berry expanded on Beyer’s statement about Kushner. He says that if Kushner was not the President’s son-in-law, he would probably be criminally charged for non-disclosure.

Even if Kushner did not break the law by failing to disclose his communication with Russia, the omission alone is a reason for him to be denied top security clearance. Yet, Kushner continues to have access to some of our nation’s biggest secrets.

Recently, Kushner was seen in protective gear in Iraq. He is officially a “senior advisor” to Trump in the White House, whatever that means.

Kushner is not receiving a salary for his role. The Trump team says that Kushner will work with the Middle East, which is concerning considering his ties to Russia.

Although parodies of Kushner’s outfit and weird demeanor are entertaining, there’s definitely something scary about the fact that this idiot has top security clearance. What’s funny on SNL is frightening in foreign policy.

Despite an extensive resume in the business world, there is little in Kushner’s background to suggest he is an expert on Middle Eastern foreign affairs.

Kushner’s first position in any foreign policy role was on Trump’s campaign as an advisor. During the debates, much of Trump’s Middle East policy seemed to involve deploying troops and dropping bombs.

Now that we know about Kushner’s ties to Russia, it’s clear that he has no business advising anyone in the White House. He’s a liar at best, and a Russian plant at worst.

POLL: Should Kushner lose his clearance?

By lying about his past with Russia, Kushner violated the law. Yet, he remains in his position of power just because he is married to the President’s daughter.

This is about as corrupt as it gets. If you think Kushner should lose the right to know state secrets, let your voice be heard in our poll below.

Many have already raised questions about Kushner’s presence in the White House.  It’s a violation of the 1967 federal anti-nepotism statute.

The statute was introduced after President Kennedy named his own brother, Robert, as the nation’s Attorney General. The statute strictly bans public officials from hiring family members and specifically lists sons-in-law among the language.

Since appointing Kushner to his ambiguous position, Trump has also introduced his own daughter Ivanka into the White House officially. This corrupt family is running our country.

Kushner has helmed a business empire for the last decade. Through his business dealings, he has relied often on foreign investors. Federal trade policies have a direct effect on Kushner’s business. It’s obvious that he will influence foreign policy to pad his pocketbook.

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