BREAKING: Major U.S. City Just Threatened Trump Over His Constant Vacations. Support?

Donald Trump apparently can’t resist vacationing at his favorite Mar-a-Lago resort, but the residents of Palm Beach have had ENOUGH of his visits. Trump has been nothing but a burden to the local community and now they’re telling him to PAY UP.

Lately, many Americans have been fuming over the fact that we have to pay for Trump’s luxurious South Florida vacations, which cost taxpayers upwards of $3 million a pop. The residents of Palm Beach, however, are getting an even WORSE deal.

So far, Palm Beach has used over $1.4 million of its OWN funds to help cover the expenses of the Golfer-in-Chief coming to town. $1.4 million is nothing for the federal government, but it’s a TON of money for a single city to be dishing out without reimbursement.

The good news is that Palm Beach County Commissioner Dave Kerner is officially fighting back. He’s moving to classify Mar-a-Lago as a “municipal service benefit unit” so that Palm Beach can levy a new tax against the property that will help pay off the local expenses that Trump is racking up.

Mary Lou Berger, another Palm Beach County Commissioner, just held a conference call with the Department of Homeland Security in an attempt to get Trump to reimburse the county. It wasn’t a very productive call.

“They were polite, but that’s where they stopped,” Berger said. “I did not get a lot of encouragement.”

That’s not all, either. Every time Trump flies into town for his weekly round of golf, the operations of the local Lantana airport are totally shut down.

Commissioner Kerner communicated with the Secret Service that he wants the Lantana airport to remain open. His plea’s fallen on deaf ears, too.

“They said, ‘This isn’t a negotiation,’” Kerner said. “’Let me tell you why it’s going to be this way.’”

“The Lantana airport will be shut down any time the president is in town,” Kerner said. “We’ve bent over backwards … I get it. The president’s safety is paramount.”

Never mind the fact that Lantana airport annually provides $27 million to Palm Beach’s economy. Trump is literally decimating the economy of Palm Beach just so he can lounge around at the “Winter White House.”

Republicans were total budget hawks when Obama was president. Where are the hawks now that Trump is vacationing a major U.S. city into economic ruin?

Trump’s already set to spend more taxpayer money on vacations in one year than Obama did in eight. That’s not fiscal responsibility, that’s taking advantage of the paychecks of hard-working Americans.

Let’s hope that Kerner and Berger can make Team Trump pay for the damage it’s doing to Palm Beach. Since Trump is such a “successful” businessman, he can pay for his own vacations.

The American people have a responsibility to take Trump to trial in the court of public opinion. The time for sitting back and not speaking out is LONG gone.

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