BREAKING: Major Corporation Confirms They Caught Trump Red-Handed in Big Lie

Donald Trump can’t seem to tell the truth about anything. Even major corporations are starting to call him out.

According to Bloomberg News, Trump tried to take credit for 5,000 Sprint jobs that will be created as part of an investment by Sprint in the US. But Sprint disputed this, embarrassing the compulsively lying Trump.

The President-elect tried to take credit for the 5,000 jobs that Sprint plans to create in the near future. Trump claimed that the jobs were coming here because of him.

But in a press release, Sprint clarified that the jobs were part of an already planned jobs commitment.  Trump’s team had no impact on the creation of these jobs.

A Sprint spokesperson said, “Our announcement yesterday was part of (Sprint CEO) Masa’s 50,000 jobs commitment and it was intended to show that we are now working to help fulfill the commitment.”  So once again Trump is trying to take credit for jobs he didn’t create.

Trump didn’t take these statements in stride, however, and disputed the facts that the jobs had already been announced.  He still seems to believe that by repeating his lies louder and more frequently, the facts will go away.

Trump said to reporters “I just spoke with the head person. He said because of me they’re doing 5,000 jobs in this country.”

This isn’t the first time Trump overstated his influence in saving or creating jobs.  In December he touted a deal to save jobs at a Carrier plant in Indiana.

When a Union leader called out Trump on his false claims, Trump took to Twitter to insult the Union head and the Union workers.

Trump’s huge ego seems to think that every job created in the US is a result of his direct intervention.  We all need to keep calling him out on his lies and make the truth known.

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