WATCH: What Cameras Caught Trump Doing Proves He Should Be KICKED OUT

We all remember how Donald Trump blasted President Obama over and over again for playing “too much golf,” but now it’s clear that Trump’s the only one who’s playing too much. In a massive gesture of hypocrisy, the Orange One just played golf for the THIRD weekend in a row.

To put this into perspective, Trump has only been president for one month as of today, and so for three of his four weekends as president he’s been vacationing and playing golf. At this rate, he’ll have golfed more than Obama did in eight years by the end of his first year as Liar-in-Chief.

Nevermind the fact that Trump pledged to avoid taking vacations as president because there was just so much “work to be done.” The real kicker here is how Trump has blasted Obama for golfing in the past.

“Can you believe that, with all of the problems and difficulties facing the U.S., President Obama spent the day playing golf,” Trump said in 2014. “Worse than Carter.”

“We pay for Obama’s travel so he can fundraise millions so Democrats can run on lies,” Trump’s also previously remarked. “Then we pay for his golf.”

“President Obama has a major meeting on the N.Y.C. Ebola outbreak, with people flying in from all over the country,” Trump’s said. “But decided to play golf!”

These are definitely cheap shots from a guy who’s spent more weekends as president playing golf than doing work. But, if his tasteless attacks on Meryl Streep are any indication, it’s entirely clear that Trump is the KING of cheap shots.

“Obama, it was reported today, played 250 rounds of golf,” Trump said during his presidential campaign in 2015. “I don’t have time for that.”

Quite the contrary, Mr. Trump – you clearly have had PLENTY of time for golf in your first month as president. The Orange One must be getting bored with just watching TV all day in the White House.

The truth is that Obama didn’t go golfing until four months into his first term as president. On the other hand, Trump was only able to get through one WEEK of his presidency before he couldn’t help hitting the golf course.

Trump’s “Winter White House” at Mar-a-Lago is built on a golf club. So not only has Trump corruptly jacked up the membership fees at this club for his own personal gain, now he’s spending the majority of his weekends golfing while he throws the nation into chaos.

It’s kind of like Nero playing the fiddle while Rome burned. Except in our case, Nero is Trump and Trump is playing golf while Washington D.C. burns.

The irony is that Trump playing golf is almost a blessing in disguise. The more time he spends playing golf, the less time he spends passing disastrous and discriminatory executive orders.

America deserves better than the personification of hypocrisy that currently lives in the White House. Now it’s up to us to rally our elected officials toward impeachment proceedings.

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