BREAKING: Putin Exile Makes Shock Trump Accusation

Mikhail Khodorkovsky—a major Putin critic and political exile from Russia—says there’s no doubt that the Kremlin-linked operative that Jared Kushner met with last December was representing the Kremlin, not himself. THIS is treason, folks, and it […]

BREAKING: Russia Caught In Horrifying Racist Scandal

Another horrifying Russian scandal has been exposed. Russia is aligning itself with white nationalists all around the world. Russia’s grown more involved with right-wing movements around the globe. From the U.S. to France, Russian seems determined […]

ALERT: Russia Connection Located, Trump Implicated

A data firm that worked for the Trump campaign may have connections to the Russian government. So the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence is investigating the company. Cambridge Analytica provided voter profiling services to […]

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