BREAKING: Pence Caught In Massive Email Scandal

The scandal involving the Trump administration’s use of private email servers has deepened. Vice President Mike Pence was caught using private email while governor of Indiana, and keeps trying to hide those emails. Donald Trump […]

BREAKING: Trump Caught In Racist Tweet Scandal

President Trump recently retweeted a known racist and birther. Trump claims he’s not a white supremacist, but his actions on Twitter say otherwise. On Sunday, Trump retweeted an animated GIF that showed him hitting a golf […]

BREAKING: Hillary Makes Shock Career Announcement

Hillary Clinton just made a shocking announcement about her future political career. She won’t run for office again, but remains committed to public service. Hillary talked about her future political career with Jane Pauley on “CBS […]

BOMBSHELL: Obstruction of Justice

Special counsel Robert Mueller is investigating President Donald Trump for obstruction of justice. If he finds that the president committed any crime whatsoever, it is a potentially impeachable offense. And now, Mueller is focusing on […]

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