BREAKING: Joe Biden Makes His Move to Defeat Trumpcare

Trump’s healthcare bill is falling apart and every day we see members on both sides of the isle coming out to oppose it. Now, Trumpcare may have its toughest opponent yet: Joe Biden.

Former Vice President Joe Biden will attend a rally with other Democrats this Wednesday to save Obamacare and oppose Trumpcare for the travesty that it is.

Biden will be alongside his friend  Nancy Pelosi and other Democratic leaders outside the capitol building to commemorate the seventh anniversary of day that Obamacare was passed. The event is planned for just one day before the house plans to vote on taking apart Obamacare and taking healthcare away from so many Americans.

Biden is likely to discuss the millions of Americans that will lose healthcare coverage if the bill is allowed to pass. Biden knows firsthand the millions of Americans that were helped by Obamacare and the devastation that would occur if Republicans are allowed to succeed.

The Congressional Budget Office says that at least 24 million people will not have coverage under Trump’s plan. Biden and other Democrats believe that is just unacceptable and will cause harm to so many innocent American families.

The plan will clearly shift additional costs to the sick and elderly which may cause them to be denied crucial medical treatments.

However, what the plan does do is provide enormous tax breaks to the wealthiest Americans.

Pelosi commented on the bill by saying, “What they have put forth is a terrible bill — 24 million people kicked off of health insurance, which the Speaker calls an act of mercy.”

“And what’s so strange about it all, is many of the people, many of the millions of people who are benefiting from the Affordable Care Act, voted for Donald Trump,” she added.

Trump’s plan will take away the subsidies that are given to the poorest Americans so that they can purchase health insurance. It also ends the Medicare expansion in 2020, which means children, the disabled, and the elderly will get less benefits.

Biden is famous for saying that Obamacare is a big deal and we are seeing this truth come out in Republican town halls. Americans are coming from every corner who have sick children or who have pre-existing conditions who say that they would not have received treatment but for Obamacare.

Biden, Pelosi, and other Democrats are taking to the steps of the Capital to tell Trump that they are going to get a fight if they are going to take healthcare away from these Americans.

Biden understands the plight of the average American because he does not come from a wealthy family like Trump does.

Trump doesn’t care about the poor and middle-class families and only wants to take money away from them so he can give it to himself, his rich friends, or Russia.

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