Picture Released of Bernie Sanders HUMILIATING Trump on the House Floor. It WORKED.

If there’s anyone who should be considered America’s defender, it’s Bernie Sanders. He’s been doing everything he can to prevent Trump from taking advantage of working class Americans.

Now, Bernie’s used an oversized picture of a Trump tweet to humiliate Mr. Demagogue on the Senate floor. The tweet perfectly illustrates that Trump’s been lying to us all along.

As you know, Trump campaigned on his promise to protect Social Security and Medicare. But he and his goons have already been trying to start cuts to these programs behind the scenes.

So Bernie Sanders did the only sensible thing left to do. He presented an oversized tweet of Trump’s to the Senate, exposing Mr. Demagogue as being nothing more than a shameless liar.

“I was the first & only potential GOP candidate to state there will be no cuts to Social Security, Medicare & Medicaid,” Trump tweeted back in May. “Huckabee copied me.”

Image via video screenshot

Bernie’s epic move here then is to expose Trump as the fraud that he is. He promised the American people that he’d protect these programs, and he’s already moving to dry them up.

“Now the point is Trump didn’t just say this in passing,” Sanders said. “This was a cornerstone of his campaign … He said it over and over and over again.”

Let’s hope Sanders continues to keep the fire to Trump’s feet. We’re going to need bold leadership during these next four years of tyranny, and Sanders is the man we need to lead us.

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