BREAKING: AARP’s Response to Trumpcare Hits Republicans Where It Hurts the Most

The AARP is going after the only thing Republicans need more than money: voters. The AARP just told its 38 million members how their representatives voted so they can vote out these Republicans.

Millions of Americans held their breath as they waited to see whether the House would pass Trumpcare. Disappointingly, but perhaps not surprisingly, Republicans passed it in yesterday’s vote. They also just alienated yet another group of people—the elderly.

The AARP has opposed Trumpcare since the beginning and is now making their disappointment known. AARP Vice President Nancy LeaMond spoke out on behalf of the organization.

“The AARP is deeply disappointed in today’s vote by the House to pass this deeply flawed health bill,” she said. “The bill will put an Age Tax on us, harming millions of American families with health insurance, forcing many to lose coverage or pay thousands of dollars more for health care.”

She added, “In addition, the bill now puts at risk the 25 million older adults with pre-existing conditions, such as cancer and diabetes, who would likely find health care unaffordable or unavailable to them.”

And she is absolutely right. Under the American Health Care Act, individuals will no longer receive tax credits based on a number of factors to help them afford coverage as they did with Obamacare. The tax credit will instead be based mainly on age, no longer giving as much weight to where a person lives or how much money they make.

Trumpcare also eliminates protections for people with preexisting health conditions, creating high-risk pools which will raise premiums and make coverage unaffordable for the people who need it the most. Furthermore, it adds waiting periods before coverage actually kicks in, which is ridiculous considering that those waiting are elderly people with terminal diseases.

Ironically, the elderly were some of Trump’s greatest supporters, trusting him to turn things around for the country. He has certainly turned things around, but not for the better—and not for the good of senior citizens.

Congress needs to be held accountable, and the AARP is doing just that. They’re taking no prisoners.

“We promised to hold members of Congress accountable for their vote on this bill,” LeaMond said. “True to our promise, AARP is now letting its 38 million members know how their elected representative voted on this health bill in The Bulletin, a print publication that goes out to all our members, as well as through emails, social media, and other communications.”

This is PERFECT.

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The AARP is turning the Republicans’ supporters against them. By letting everyone know how their representatives voted on this bill, they are helping to vote them out so they don’t have the opportunity to do something like this again.

The bill still has to go to the Senate for a vote, but the AARP stands firm in its opposition.

“AARP will continue to oppose this bill as it moves to the Senate because it includes an Age Tax on older Americans, eliminates critical protections for those with preexisting conditions, puts coverage at risk for millions, cuts the life of Medicare, erodes seniors’ ability to live independently, and gives sweetheart deals to big drug and insurance companies while doing nothing to lower the cost of prescriptions,” the statement reads.

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